His History

For more than a century the house was the home of the Marchat family.

Arthur Marchat and his wife raised their four children in the house.  When adult the three sons were scattered all over the world, their daughter Thérèse never left the house.

Henry became a diplomat and spent twenty years in Morocco to end his career as Ambassador of France to Morocco.

Jean was a colonial Physician in the Pacific and Asia

Pierre was a judge in Paris

Over the years during summer this family home saw the reunion of the children returning from all over the world.

Henry’s mother in law Laure Rèau also joined the family unit.  She was the wife of Raphaël Rèau, a native of the Isle d’Oléron and ambassador to Siam and China from 1900 to 1928.  After his death in Siam she returned to France to live in the region she’d come from.

Following his parent’s death Henry inherited the house that would become La Maison de l’Ambassadeur.  Henry lived in the house until 1991, when he was 95 years old.


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