The House

This grand house was built in special CRAZANNES stone in 1864.

The house has all the characteristics of grand bourgeois houses of the 19th Century.  Large high-ceilinged rooms have beautiful marble fireplaces with elaborate gilded mirrors resting on their mantelpieces.  Stunning coved ceilings and traditional wood paneling are found all over the house.

The interior is typical yet at the same time unusual.

The layout corresponds to that of other houses of that epoch: A central corridor leads from the entrance to the garden, with the reception rooms placed on one side, the kitchen and an office on the other side.  The first floor contains four large bedrooms.

However, an additional feature changes this typical layout with a great gallery traversing the central corridor acting as a grand reception area for all rooms on the ground floor.  The gallery continues upstairs, bathed in light from two large pyramid shaped skylights.  These unusual features create a wonderful ambience, elegant yet relaxing, and make the house truly exceptional.

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